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Airlens N99 mask - Solid

  • Lab test: before buying any mask from market do check the lab test result for performance authenticity
  • Technology: World's 1st award winning AMT technology invented by scientists from AIIMS, IIT, Stanford university
  • Specially designed for viruses: with sun sanitizing zipper, neck strap and non-valve design to avoid contamination
  • N99 level and 20 times washable mask: protects you from viruses, pollutants as small as PM 0.1, 0.3, 1, 2.5, germs, bacteria, pollen.
  • Better than a disposable N95 mask both for the user, and environment.


As being a people's brand with social mindset, whatever we create we try to make , good quality products. The Airlens N99 Level, 20 times washable mask is a reflection of our commitment to give best quality products at the most better price in the most Indian way. The technology used in masks has been invented by scientists from AIIMS, IIT and Stanford University. Airlens is a flagship brand under the parent company PerSapien Innovations which has been recognized with many awards like Megacities Award, Paris (2018), Top 10 Asia's promising Changemakers, Singapore, Global Health Innovation Challenge, USA, Innovator of the Year, Startup Awards, India (2018), and it is a Make in India Initiative (BeVocalforLocal).